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Ship supply / chandelling: Supply of Deck Stores / Cabin Stores / Fresh Water & Bunker / Engine Store / Lubrication oil / Provisions / General Ship Spares and all types of Gases / Unannounced Sample collection{Drug and Alcohol Test} / Crew Change {Embarkation and Disembarkation}

Our ship supply and chandelling services offer a comprehensive range of provisions to meet all maritime needs.

From supplying essential deck and cabin stores to ensuring a steady provision of fresh water and bunker fuel, we cover every aspect of vessel operation. Our inventory includes engine store items, lubrication oil, and general ship spares, ensuring that vessels are equipped with everything required for smooth sailing.

Additionally, we provide all types of gases necessary for various ship functions. Moreover, our services extend to managing unannounced sample collections for drug and alcohol tests, ensuring compliance with regulations and maintaining safety standards onboard. We also facilitate crew changes, managing both embarkation and disembarkation processes seamlessly to minimize disruptions to vessel operations. With our comprehensive services, we aim to support the efficiency and effectiveness of maritime operations worldwide.


Annual Inspection / Servicing / Certification of LSA and FFE / Supply of Fire Fighting Equipment{FFE}, Life Saving Apparatus{LSA} and Personal Protective Equipment{PPE} - IAS CLASS

Our specialized services encompass the annual inspection, servicing, and certification of Life Saving Apparatus (LSA) and Fire Fighting Equipment (FFE) to ensure compliance with rigorous safety standards.

In addition to providing comprehensive inspections, we offer the seamless supply of essential firefighting equipment, life-saving apparatus, and personal protective equipment (PPE) under the IAS CLASS certification.

With our expertise, we guarantee that vessels are equipped with top-quality safety gear, meticulously maintained and certified to meet regulatory requirements. Whether it's ensuring the reliability of firefighting equipment or the functionality of life-saving apparatus, our commitment is to enhance safety at sea and safeguard the lives of maritime professionals.

. Logistics Support Services

Logistics Support Services { Hiring of Tugs and barges / Fast Support Vessels / Tankers}

Our logistics support services extend to the hiring of essential vessels including tugs, barges, fast support vessels, and tankers. Whether you require efficient towing capabilities, reliable transportation of cargo via barges, swift deployment of support vessels, or the seamless movement of liquids through tankers, our comprehensive solutions cater to diverse maritime needs.

With a focus on reliability, efficiency, and safety, we ensure that each vessel in our fleet is meticulously maintained and operated by experienced professionals. By offering a range of vessel options and personalized logistics solutions, we aim to optimize your operations and facilitate the smooth transportation of goods and materials across maritime routes.

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